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Electrical Engineering and Computer Science

Students Honored at EECS Graduation Banquet

Published on May 23rd, 2011 by Michelle Ward

The following students were honored at the EECS Graduation Reception on May 21.

Outstanding Senior Award

Based on overall achievement, the award is presented to a graduating senior in EE, CoE, and CS.

Joel Schmezle (EE), Brian Miller (CoE), and Nate Snyder (CS)

Ellermeier Memorial Award

A nontraditional student with outstanding scholastic achievement is the recipient of the Ellermeier award. It is given in honor of former EE Professor and Associate Dean of the Graduate School Robert Ellermeier.

Angela Wright

Everitt Awards

The International Engineering Consortium sponsors the Everitt Awards, which are reserved for EECS seniors in the top 10 percent of their class. Winners must be interested in communications and computers and involved in outside activities.

Manas Bhatnagar and Wenshuai Hou

Paul F. Huebner Memorial Awards

Paul Huebner was a KU graduate with a BS in accounting, concentrating in CS, and a graduate degree in CS. The award is intended to reward good teaching and encourage students to consider teaching as a career.

John Gibbons and Martin Keuhnhausen

Richard K. & Wilma S. Moore Thesis Award

This award is given in honor of Distinguished Professor Emeritus Richard Moore. The best graduate thesis and doctoral dissertation are honored.

Kevin Matlage (thesis) and Justin Ehlich (dissertation)

Rummer Awards

Professor Emeritus Dale Rummer’s dedication to engineering design was the impetus for the award. The awards are given for outstanding work done by seniors in CoE and EE capstone design courses.

Monte Jones, Andrew Holcomb, Brian Miller, and Michael Soderberg (CoE)

Jay Fuller, Audrey Seybert, Bryan Townley, and Benjamin Trombold (EE)

Department Honors

Manas Bhatnagar, Jonathan Lutes, Angela Oguna, and Masayuki Pak