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Electrical Engineering and Computer Science

UPE Elections Results!

Published on June 9th, 2005 by David Hageman

Upsilon Pi Epsilon, the computer science honors society, held its 2005 initiation and officer elections on Thursday, May 12th. The newly inducted members are:

Eric Benavidez Keegan Flanigan Michael Minea Larry Robinson Shannon Sanderson Michael Wu Tejasvi Aswathanarayana Eera Mittur James O'Hara Atchutha Pakalapati Ajay Ramamurthy Vijay Ramamurthy

The results of the officer elections are:

UPE Officers
President: Patrick Casteel Vice President: Keegan Flanigan Secretary: Jason Stewart Treasurer: Noah Watkins Web Chair: Eera Mittur ESC Representative: Shannon Sanderson Congratulations to UPE's new members and officers!