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Electrical Engineering and Computer Science

Do You Know About Changes in the EECS Curriculum?

Published on March 9th, 2010 by Michelle Ward

Reminders for Advising

BUS 101, FIN 101, and FIN 30
1 can not be taken to fulfill Professional Elective. The only classes from the School of Business that will fulfill the Professional Elective will be courses that are required for either the major or minor in business.

ENGL 101 and ENGL 102 need to be taken consecutively until finished.

Recent Curriculum Changes

New 501 prerequisites and suggested sequence. Changes to EECS 501 prerequisites & suggested sequence were recently approved, but will not take effect until Fall 2011. Revised Fall 2008 Handbook has been updated to show the new suggested sequence and prerequisites.
EE students who plan on graduating in spring 2012 must take EECS 360 in fall 2010 so they can take EECS 562 in spring 2011. EECS 562 will be a prerequisite for EECS 501 in fall 2011.

EE students if you haven't already taken CHEM 184 you should take CHEM 150 instead, starting fall 2010.

New Labs for Courses

The following courses are scheduled to increase from 3 to 4 credit hours with the addition of new lab components. Students on older curricula do not have an option to take 3-hr (non-lab) version.

     EECS 560: Data Structures  FA 10
     EECS 665: Compiler Construction  FA 10
     EECS 678: Introduction to Operating Systems  FA 10

EECS 643
Until further notice, 643 will not be offered and COE students should take 645 instead (with petition)

New & Special Topics Offerings for Spring 10

EECS 690: Power Systems Analysis I (Glavinich) cross-listed with ARCE
  Note: This course may be used as a Senior Elective.