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Electrical Engineering and Computer Science

Dr. Yang Yi Selected as a 2015 U.S. Air Force Summer Faculty Fellow

Published on August 19th, 2015 by Victor Frost

Yang Yi, assistant professor of electrical engineering and computer scienc was selected as a U.S. Air Force Summer Faculty Fellowship Program (SFFP) Fellow to conduct advance circuit design research in collaboration with Air Force researchers in Rome, N.Y. The SFFP offers opportunities for university faculty to conduct research at one of the Air Force research facilities in the summer.  Dr Yi’s research focuses on taking a cross-layer approach to develop an architectural design and subsequent testing of spikey time encoding circuit. Comprehensive investigation of sensory information mapping will be conducted, and a neural encoding circuitry will be designed and simulated. Successful designs will be prototyped, and statistical data on the performance of the prototype  will be captured and examined. Recent development in nano enabled hybrid electronics and computational neuroscience will be considered. This project will produce, encoding designs, SPICE circuit models, and prototypes of leaky integrate- and-fire neuronal circuits that map sensory input signals into spikey time encoded representations.

Analog neuron design for spiking time dependent encoder

Analog neuron design for spiking time dependent encoder