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Electrical Engineering and Computer Science

Robb Award Application is Due Jan. 31

Published on January 27th, 2014 by Michelle Ward

The  Department is requesting proposals from EECS graduate students who need financial support to present papers at conferences or workshops, attend conferences, or attend short courses, or other activities that would enhance the educational experience and knowledge of the student. The support is made possible through an endowed grant to EECS by Dr. David D. and Mildred H. Robb.

Application deadline is January 31, 2014

Students interested in applying for the award should submit the following to the EECS Office.  Make sure to label the envelope “DAVID D. AND MILDRED H. ROBB AWARD.”

  1. Robb Award Information Sheet
  2. A resume, including a current Advising Report
  3. Information describing the activity (e.g. description of conference with dates, etc., possibly printed from the conference web site; letter of acceptance of the paper by the conference; copy of submitted paper; etc.)
  4. A detailed budget of all costs, as well as a forthright statement of other sources of funding available to, or requested by, the student (excluding personal funds).
  5. If the request is not for presenting a paper at a conference or workshop, then the applicant must also submit a no more than one page long explanation of how participating in the activity will enhance his or her graduate educational experience.

If funds are awarded for an activity but are not expended, these funds will become available for allocation to other EECS graduate students.

**Priority shall be given to awards that enable the student’s participation; in other words, awards allow the student to participate in conferences that they otherwise would be financially unable to attend.